Legal Document Management System Software for Law Firms

Finding a reliable legal document management system for your law firm can be challenging. While you always want to be able to find relevant documents quickly, you also need to keep your confidential documents secure. This can be problematic for many in the legal world, especially as many smaller and older firms still use antiquated data systems. Fortunately, you don't have to invest in a server for your law firm - you can get access to the best cloud document management software available by working with Folderit. Folderit satisfies all of your legal document storage needs, while still providing you with the peace of mind of a dedicated backup system.

A Double Backup

It's hard to let go of your documents, and with Folderit you don't have to rely just on the cloud. While Folderit provides industry-leading fidelity in its document storage, you can still download copies for your own needs. This means that anything you have stored on the cloud can become a physical document as long as you have access to a printer.

Document Sharing

It's rare that you'll work on a case entirely alone. Whether you're sending documents to associates, working with your paralegal or even having interns pour over old documents, you'll need to share your data with others. Folderit allows for easy document sharing with multiple permissions.


Security is incredibly important for law firms. Not only can poor security lead you to violate the trust of your clients, but it can put you at odds with legal regulations. Folderit provides high-level security that will keep your documents secure - even we can't access your data.

Project e-mail

When you run a firm, you'll be deluged with e-mails. Unfortunately, this means that you will often miss important information that relates to your data storage or to specific projects. You won't have to worry about missing e-mails when you have a dedicated e-mail address with Folderit.

Catalog Your Files

Folderit has the tools necessary to make your files easily searchable. Tag your files with relevant meta-data to enable easy searches. Once you've tagged your files, you can pull up relevant data with just a few keystrokes.


Set and get automatic notifications for changes in documents, folders or sections as often as you choose.

Multiple Roles

Need to have multiple accounts? Folderit makes it easy. You can set up multiple roles to satisfy your needs. Set up one role for your primary account, another for pro bono work, and even another for marketing purposes. Creating multiple roles helps you to avoid any document mix-ups.

Access From Anywhere

Lawyers aren't always in the office, but they always need access to their files. The Folderit interface allows you to access files from your office computer, laptop, and even your mobile device. Use Folderit to ensure you'll never be without your data again.

Supervising Work

The workflow in an average firm goes through many levels. Thankfully, Folderit makes it easy to track comments, look at changes, and approve work from your computer or mobile device. This allows your associates and paralegals a chance to do their jobs with you looking over their shoulders.

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